Avery Lubrecht 10/31/03-08/08/08

Avery Lubrecht was a little 4 year old girl who loved to dance on Saturday mornings. She was a very vibrant, curly haired girl with dimples. In April 2008, she was diagnosed with medulla blastoma, a rare form of brain cancer. She was operated on and treated at The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and had a very positive outlook on her journey ahead to beat cancer. Throughout the past months, she and her family gave 110% to conquer her illness. To everyone who knew her or knew of her story, we were all devastated to hear in August the news that Avery’s tumor had grown and that treatment would no longer help her. Avery died on the morning of August 8, 2008.
 We all miss Avery and her beautiful smile very much. Her illness amazingly brought our town together to help in anyway they could. Since the beginning her family and friends set up a website www.averyjudith.com and a foundation in her honor. Her Mother, Stacy, wrote daily on Avery’s site and shared with us every step and emotion of her journey. Stacy is an incredible writer and she gave us the privilege and honor to share in Avery’s journey. You can follow the Avery Lubrecht foundation on facebook for up to date information.
 We want to honor a little girl who always asked when Saturday was. Although she only with us for a short time, she was a part of our dance family and her favorite place was Standing Ovation. We celebrated her life every year with a huge carnival. All of the proceeds from the carnival, go to The Avery Lubrecht Foundation. The foundation then donates the money, along with other monies, to The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia for pediatric brain cancer research in Avery's memory. Thank you again to all of our volunteers and donators from this year's event. We couldn't do this without you!  

Our 2017 Carnival raised over $10,000 to be donated to Childrens Hospital of Philadephia where Avery has a room dedicated to her.

Thank you to all of our supporters!