Why should I choose to send my child to Standing Ovation?
Standing Ovation School of Dance is a large facility with that small studio family type atmosphere. All of the instructors truly care about their students. All of the teachers know how lucky they are to be shaping these children’s lives in such a positive way. Our studio offers classes in all styles and we cater to both the recreational and serious student. Children are taught in a way that they are having fun yet learning at the same time.

What age can my child start dance?
We offer classes beginning at the age of 2 1/2 (if potty-trained they can start earlier.) For this age we offer a 45 minutes combo class of both ballet & gymnastics. It is the perfect start for beginner dancers. Class consists of creative movement, ballet & tumbling.

What types of classes do you offer and at what ages can I start them?
We offer many styles of dance, please see our Classes Offered page.

Why are your instructors qualified to teach my children?
All of our instructors have different backgrounds. Some have performing experience while others have college degrees in dance. All of our staff are dedicated to this artform and to inspiring our young dancers thru this beautiful artform.  Instructor page has bio’s of all staff.

How many studios do you have?
We have 4 large dance rooms that have sprung flooring to help prevent injury to the dancer. All are equipped with professional speaker systems, ballet barre's and mirror's. 

What are your hours?
We offer classes in the mornings on Saturdays. Monday thru Friday we have classes from 4pm-9:45pm (Friday till 6:30pm) You can contact us at (732)920-2400 or thru email at 

How do I choose a class?
Students are placed according to age and ability. If at any time the teacher feels that the placement is incorrect you will be notified and the situation will be rectified. The first priority is to place children where they will progress, with the day and time of the class secondary. Please try to be flexible with scheduling so your child can make the most of his or her dance experience.  We are always open to discussing your dancer's dance education.  

What if I miss a class?
You can ask at the desk for a makeup class comparable to your own class. Scheduled days off are not considered classes to be made-up. If you are going to be out for several weeks please inform the desk. 

How are the parents notified about things going on in the studio?
Our monthly newsletters are emailed to our parents. We occasionally mail out important information also. Other events going on in the studio are posted on our bulletin boards in the waiting room.

Can boys join dance classes?
Yes, we have boys that take hip-hop, tap, jazz & even ballet. Hip-hop is a great class for boys to start with and see if this is something they are interested in. We also have two all boys hip hop class that is quite popular. With 15 boys our program is growing strong, we are very proud of our boys.

I am a beginner teenager, can I start dance now?
Yes of course! We offer beginner/adv beginner ballet & jazz classes just for teenagers. It is never too late to start.

Do you offer adult classes?
We offer 8 week sessions from time to time.  If you have a group of adults who are interested in dance or workout classes please contact us and we would be happy to accomodate you.  

How do your programs run?
We offer a 6-week summer program staring in July and a 10-month program starting in September ending with our recital in June. It is best to sign up for the 10-month program before November. Once classes start all of the basic are taught and/or reviewed.

What do I have to wear?
We do have a dress code. Students who sign up will receive paperwork with options of what they may wear. Dancewear and shoes are available at the studio, if you wish to purchase elsewhere you may do so as long as it is the same dancewear/shoes. All ballet classes must wear pink tights and a studio leotard, other classes will have other options. Dancers are expected to be outfitted in code clothing within the first few weeks of signing up.

Where do I get these dance clothes?
Clothing and shoes may be purchased thru the studio at anytime.

How does your recital work?
Every class a dancer takes there will be a recital number (with exception of team classes.) There is a costume for each class, it is optional to participate or not. Once a costume order has been placed you are responsible for the balance, we cannot cancel any costume ordered. The recital is held in June at The Strand Theater in Lakewood. . A professional video of the actual shows are available for sale. Our show is one not to be missed!

What if I am late to class?
We ask that you arrive on time for class but if you cannot we ask that you come into class when you arrive and quietly stretch in the back until the teacher feels you are ready to join the class.

Where do I wait for class to begin?
Please wait in the cubby area or waiting room/upstairs landing. We do not like the dancers (especially younger ones) to be running around the dance rooms without teacher supervision.

How can I join the competition team?
Any student taking ballet, tap, jazz & lyrical is eligible to write a letter to the studio stating you are interested in being on team. You must be an all around dancer in order to be on our teams. Anyone accepted will receive a letter in the mail in late May. If you are a new student to our school and are interested in being on team you will have to come take class in order for us to evaluate you. Please call for classes.

What are the requirements for team?
Each team has different requirements, we offer teams for the more serious student and teams for the student looking to get their feet wet in the competition world.