Competitive Edge


Standing Ovation's Competitive Edge Team consists of dancers from ages 5 through 18.  All of our team dancers are required to take a certain amount of classes per week.  We believe in our dancers being well rounded so they take classes and must be proficient in all subjects in order to be on team.  Our teams are required to attend a certain amount of conventions and competitions throughout the season as well as take summer classes at the studio.  

Our team dancers become a family and create memories and friendships that last a lifetime!

Our team alumni have gone onto both performing and teaching careers in the world of dance.  Many have graduated from college with degrees in dance as well as completed dance internships and scholarship programs in both New York and Los Angeles.  Our alumni are always in our heart and many come back to visit when they are home and even take or teach master classes at our studio.

If you are interested in being on our competition team please contact Miss Michele or Miss Britt at the studio by phone or email.

All are welcome to audition!